At Crick Tool, we know the true value of a dependable level at your side. When Bill Crick built his first level in 1960 out of a desire for something more accurate than he could obtain elsewhere, it served as a eureka moment that outlined the path we would follow to this very day.

Accuracy, longevity, durability. With a Crick level in your toolbox, you’ll never want for a better tool. Our premium grade tools embody the promise of craftsmanship, quality, and dependability that we have always kept with our customers.

We stand by our work long after it’s been sold. If you think something is wrong with your Crick level, you can return it to us immediately. We’ll quickly evaluate what’s wrong with your level and perform repairs to bring it back to our standards of quality. When we’re done, we’ll determine whether the issue with your level had anything to do with our production procedure and make necessary improvements for the benefit of all future levels we produce.

You will only find the Crick name on levels we manufactured. The goal of Crick Tool is to maintain our reputation for manufacturing the best wooden levels on the market. Every Crick level is made in the USA, and that won’t change.

It’s time to believe that you can buy a quality level. Our commitment to our customers is as firm as the day we were established – so contact us for more information or purchase your very own Crick level to experience true quality and accuracy today.

Crick Tool Wood Level