Since 1980, when the very first Crick level was produced, we have strived to make dependable and durable tools that embody our mission: to provide the best products available on the market today. That’s why Crick Tool uses carefully selected hardwoods, double strength lenses, water resistant glues, and laminated construction to provide superior durability in our levels.

At Crick Tool, we operate our own manufacturing plant, which allows us to process each Crick level through eleven quality control checks. If you see the CRICK TOOL name on your product, you know you’ve got the most reliable level on the market.

We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and commitment to the dealers and contractors we work with by providing quality, friendly, and timely service. If the premium products you purchase from Crick Tool are defective or otherwise don’t live up to their promise of excellent craftsmanship, we can make repairs or replacements to ensure you can tackle any project with our tools in hand.

If your Crick level serves you well, tell others. If it doesn’t – tell us!

As a trusted name in the premium tool industry, we’re proud of the excellent workmanship that goes into all our products, and the incredible performance they offer for discerning craftsmen everywhere. For more information on Crick Tool, contact us today!

Crick Tool Wood Level